Fatih Buğan Founder Fatih graduated from the Middle East Technical University in 2000 with a BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
His first startup was Archon (2000), in Ankara, developing document management system for government organizations. After 7 years software development experience at TÜBİTAK, he started working on personalization and recommendation technology.
In 2009, Nefius, first web service has released. It's a personalized recommendation service based on a "Concept-centric dynamic data ordering" algorithm.
Fatih worked at LiveGO, Yemek Sepeti and Mekanist. He supported some startups as an advisor.
Emre Türkay Lead Software Developer Emre is the low level guy working with threads, memory managers, network performance, and optimizations. He has got his MSc degree from Vanderbilt University on Electrical Engineering in 2005. He has experience in web services, distributed, real-time, and embedded systems. Throughout his career, he took part of the development of simulators, robotics for more than 15 years Volkan Vardar Lead Software Developer Volkan is on earth to solve problems and negotiate different opinions. He has an original point of view on software development with the advance of being a Management Engineer.
Besides, he is experienced on various projects from search engine to e-commerce, online banking and social media such as Hakia, LiveGO, Pfizer, Ashop for more than 10 years.
As a result of this variety in projects, companies he worked and success, failure stories he faced, he has a out of the box sight on business and technical issues.
On the other hand, he is interested in leadership and personal development, a great fan of John C. Maxwell, Ken Blanchard and Dale Carnegie.
Emre Ünal Statistician Emre is the statistics guru who sees “the joy” in numbers. He has a BA degree in Statistics and an MBA degree in finance. As a former IT specialist in Yurtbank Ltd. he has 15 years of total work experience at Aksa Acryclic Chemistry Ltd. (Statistician), Dan&Bradstreet Turkey (Consultant) and, Akbank Ltd. (Manager). He has special interest in predictive modelling. He’s core skills and expertise are in Credit scoring, R and SAS, Six-Sigma (green belt), BI reports and Datamart implementation subjects. Niels vd Linden Advisor Niels has over 10 years experience working with early stage companies ranging from web solutions to mobile telecommunication and cloud services. He has experience in project and product management and international business development (USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa) dealing with small companies to large mobile telecommunication operators. Niels received his MSc. in Innovation Management (Business Administration) from Erasmus University of Rotterdam.